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Coaching is about taking action and sometimes all you need is am accountability partner to help you achieve your goals. A good life coach will know when the relationship has reached a satisfactory conclusionand move on to help others.

At Wellness Basics Group we promote balance in all areas of life, but at the same time werealixe that what works for one does’nt work for all.

How does life coaching work?

It starts with a free consultation to assess you needs and desires.

Coaching sessions will be charged per hour or per month as arranged at the initial meeting. Most sessions will be an hour and will be billed at $100.00. How many sessions you need per month will be determined in advance of the first billed session.

Groups will have a fee assessed per person or have a group rate.

Now is the perfect time to change your life for the better!


Shirley Mclin

Certified life coach

Phone: 541-519-6031

Email: Shirley@wellnessbasicsgroup.cm